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Get yourself a QR Reader

It’s time for a little more preparation for Cybher. Hopefully by now you have registered at BO.LT and have read our Four Days to Go Post.

At Cybher we’re going as paperless as possible so your schedule of the day will be accessed via a QR code which will be given to you in your AMAZING anti-swag bag. You’re going to LOVE your bags. There wont be a baby wipe or breast pad in sight. I digress.

If you’re not sure what a QR code is, read What is a QR code? by Cybher speaker Nicky O’Hara*.

For iPhone there’s a vast range to choose from. I am using this, QR Reader, which is free. But have also have had QuickMark recommended which costs 69p. For Android, try QR Reader for Andriod. For Symbian try UpCode and for Blackberry go for QR Scanner Pro. All of these are free. You can also try Kaywa Reader if your phone is listed as supported.

Once you have downloaded and installed your app of choice, have a go at reading the code below.

Cybher Hello QR Code

And thanks to Paul for helping us mac heads out with the QR code recommendations.

* If you’d like to know more about Nicky or any of the other Cybher speakers check out our speakers post.


Sian To is Cybher founder, social media consultant, blogger, mother, workaholic, geek. Passionate about promoting women in tech and best practice in social whilst soaking up as much useful information as she can in the process.

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  1. Yay! I just scanned and got you on the iphone! Quick Mark is ace. Now, what I want to know is how you managed to make your QR code pink!!
    This, and many more inane questions I have for your all at Cybher on Saturday!
    Loving the anti-swag idea


  2. Ooh, very cool. Just in case anyone else has a Windows Phone (come on, there must be one or two?), I downloaded Esponce QR Reader, which seems to work perfectly fine.


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