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Instagram syncs @usernames with Twitter

Now this is an Instagram feature that has been way too long in the coming if you ask me. It’s been an annoyance to everyone who has different usernames on the respective platforms. Worry no more because from today, as long as your Twitter and Instagram accounts are connected your @mentions will be translated.

For example, my Instagram name is @SianTo and my Twitter name is @Geekisnewchic.

So when I’m tagged on Instagram using my IG name @SianTo and the pic is Tweeted……

Instagram syncs twitter username

I get an @mention on Twitter using my correct username @Geekisnewchic. Brilliant.

Instagram syncs Twitter usernames

For this to work you will need to connect the two accounts. Go to your profile > Share settings > Twitter.

You’ll now never miss an Instagram tagging again! Good work Twitter and Facebook!


Sian To is Cybher founder, social media consultant, blogger, mother, workaholic, geek. Passionate about promoting women in tech and best practice in social whilst soaking up as much useful information as she can in the process.

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