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iPhone 5C : Worth Upgrading or Waste of Money?

We are self confessed Apple fan girls here at Cybher but none of us have taken the leap over to the newly released iPhones. Today we bring you a guest post from Jenni Birch, where she asks : iPhone 5C : Worth Upgrading or Waste of Money? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

The iPhone 5C is one of Apple’s two new iDevices, along with the iOS 7, that is said to help Apple capture low- to mid-range consumers. The affordable alternative to the iPhone 5S is equipped with a plastic casing for its rear shell. The “C” moniker basically stands for colour, since the new iDevice is practically being offered in five appealing neon shades. Specifications wise, you’ll notice that it’s essentially a repackaged iPhone 5, featuring the same software portfolio. Perhaps, you’re battling with yourself on whether or not it’s worth to upgrade from the iPhone 5 to the 5C. Below, we’ll present a comprehensive research on whether it’s worth upgrading to the budget-friendly iDevice.

iPhone 5C in Cybher Pink

Plastic Vs. Aluminum

Apple has ensured the public that the smartphone isn’t the typical plastic handsets we’ve seen on the market. It’s built with a single polycarbonate component that is reinforced with metal framing, bringing an extra layer of strength and protection to the handset. However, shifting to the new 5C means giving up the aluminum finish of its predecessor that provides extra appeal and sturdiness to the device. The only decision lies on whether or not you’ll prefer a colourful phone as the 5C comes in five choices – green, blue, white, yellow, and pink, while the first variant only has two options – white or black.

Optimised for iOS 7

According to O2’s iPhone 5C page, the new smartphone comes pre-installed with iOS 7, the latest Apple mobile ecosystem. The system is optimised for the colourful handset as it comes with colour-matched wallpaper that complements the handset’s casing. The OS also brings some significant changes and useful on-board features to the iDevice:

  • All New Control Centre – allows you to quickly access useful settings such as AirDrop, Camera, Flashlight, calculator, music player, Wi-Fi switch, Bluetooth on/off toggle, and Airplane Mode switch. The hub can now be accessed even from the lock screen.
  • Updated Notification Centre – Filters and categorises your social feeds and cellular notifications into the following categories: Today, Missed, and All.
  • AirDrop – Similar to Android’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi direct, this new feature enables quick sharing of files (documents, pictures, music, and movie clips) between two iDevices.
  • Free Apps – During the product launch, the company made the iWork, iMovie, and iPhoto free to download for those devices running iOS 7, including but not limited to the 5C. The productivity tool was previously priced at $4.99 (£3.10).

Same Specifications

Basically, the iPhone 5C didn’t innovate when it comes to specifications. Apple retained the same 4-inch Retina screen with 331 pixels per inch resolution of the iPhone 5. The gizmo also boasts of the same Apple-engineered A6 chip from its predecessor, which is a dual-core processor clocked at 1.3G GHz speed, and the 1GB RAM.

Imaging ability
The company retained the 8-megapixel rear sensor with LED flash on the 5C. What’s interesting about the iDevice is its front-facing camera update. Compared to the VGA resolution in the previous version, it’s now a 1.2-megapixel web camera which enables FaceTime HD calling.

A Slightly Bigger Battery Life
The battery integrated with the affordable iPhone is slightly bigger than that of the previous model. It’s now equipped with a 1510 mAh capacity than the 1440 mAh battery of the iPhone 5. In translation, users can expect 10 hours of talk time and 250 hours of standby time on the 5C over 8 hours of talk time and 225 hours of stand-by time, respectively.


If you are upgrading from the iPhone 4S, the 5C is a great alternative to consider. It gives you the ability to browse the internet via a huge selection of 4G LTE networks with a slightly bigger screen. On the other hand, if you’re an existing user of the 5, its actually a downgrade rather than an upgrade. You are given the same hardware specifications, but with a plastic case. It’s also thicker and significantly heavier than your existing phone. For a cheaper iDevice, it’s off-contract price of £341 doesn’t actually feel cheap.

About the author

Jenni Birch is a freelance UK-based writer who loves apps, films, startup businesses and companies. She has always loved playing Plants vs Zombies and she also maintains a passion for cooking. You can find her on Twitter @writtenbyjenni

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