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5 weird things on Pinterest

Everyone knows I am a bit of a Pinterest fan girl, but sometimes I left stroking my chin and wondering why. Here are five things I have spotted recently which are either  really weird or really ugly – certainly not the eye candy we’re used to seeing anyway!

Pinterest’s Finest. Not.

The thing that stops you hair getting in your food when a hair band is just not cutting it.

Weird things on pinterest

SOURCE // Pin / Original

Okay, I know upcycling is great but again, why?

Weird Pinterest Items

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Look closely at this. Those hearts necklaces are actually Barbie’s boobs. Okay then.

Barbie Boob Necklaces

SOURCE // Pin / Original

There is just so much wrong with these crochet shorts I don’t need to explain. But that colourway to start with, no. Just no.

Crochet Shorts

SOURCE // Pin / User Uploaded

Inappropriate? Yes. Did it make me laugh? No.

Game boy boob tee

SOURCE // Pin / Original

So there you have it. 5 things that caught my eye and made me think Pinterest was drunk or I was drunk. What say you? Are you giving any of these the thumbs up?






Sian To is Cybher founder, social media consultant, blogger, mother, workaholic, geek. Passionate about promoting women in tech and best practice in social whilst soaking up as much useful information as she can in the process.

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  1. I think 2 and 4 would make a very fetching combo. I want to know why they were all posted in the first place. I shall investigate further,using the google reverse image facility if required. Do I get extra brownie points for that?!


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