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Google & Twitter overhaul photo sharing

Lots has been going on with photo sharing on Google and Twitter over the last few days – and we can’t help wondering what Facebook thinks of all this!


You may have noticed expanded images in twitter feeds. Photos have just got more visible. Twitter have also made it easier for you to ‘reply, retweet or favourite a Tweet without leaving your timeline; you can tap to do that right inside the Tweets you see in your timeline’. Like this:

However, this will only work with photos and videos from Twitter itself. So Vine videos or images hosted on You still will have to click through to see Instagram and Flickr images. In effect, to get the best photo visibility on twitter you need to use their own services.


It’s easy to share photos with your circles on G+ already, but now you can share images and albums by adding email addresses of non G+ users. This is attacking one of Facebook’s core offerings of sharing sets of images privately. You can sync photos with Facebook but compared to what Google+ offers it’s pretty weak. For example, you’re limited to 2GB on Facebook where Google+ starts you off with 15GB of free full-resolution photos and unlimited storage of “standard size” images. And if you need more space, you can just buy it. Google+ helps you find your best photos with Facebook you have to do all the hard work yourself.

Download both app updates and have a play.

All sounds good and all sounds very threatening to Facebook’s current position as the go to site for photo sharing with family, but, and it’s a big BUT, everyone is on Facebook. If I want my nan to easily see photos of my kids, Facebook is where she is at. Me sending her links telling her to go to a new site she just wont do. It’s a trust thing.

Your thoughts?

Google and Twitter overhaul photo sharing

Google and Twitter overhaul photo sharing



Sian To is Cybher founder, social media consultant, blogger, mother, workaholic, geek. Passionate about promoting women in tech and best practice in social whilst soaking up as much useful information as she can in the process.

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  1. It might be worth adding that if you’re a Blogger user then some of your image storage is taken up with your blog images but it’s minimal. You effectively have an “album” dedicated to your blog and that counts towards the 15GB. Another reason to reduce sizing on your blog photos before uploading them.


    • Thanks for adding that Nickie, I didn’t realise that being all about the WP. :)


      • Want more? If you’re an Android user and you have your phone linked to Google Auto Back Up then every image you take is stored in another album for you to conveniently share on G+ or delete. It’s more storage space used though, albeit minimal.


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