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If you’re a brand looking to work with bloggers, start by asking yourself if you’re looking for true interaction or if you simply have a box to tick.

Properly targeted blogger outreach can bring you huge ROI, but the flip side is that a few hastily sent out products can bring you a big fat nothing.

If you want to see tangible results its essential that your blogger outreach is properly planned and targeted.

We have an extensive database of bloggers across a number of sectors including parenting, fashion, beauty and technology.

What makes Cybher different is that our database is more than just a list. We interact with our bloggers across a number of social platforms every day, building the relationships that you don’t have the time or the resources to do.

Our social, community based approach gives us the ability to partner you with bloggers that can tap directly into the heart of your target audience and deliver engagement that makes you sit up tall!

We create bespoke, creative campaigns that fit exactly with your / clients values – so whether you’re thinking about a hangout, a review campaign or something a little different, Cybher is for you.

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