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Cybher 2012

Cybher was the first all inclusive female blogger event of its kind in the UK.

Cybher 2012On Saturday 12th May 2012, central London was alive with 300 of the most influential bloggers and speakers from all corners of the blogosphere who came to Cybher, the first all-inclusive female blogger event of its kind in the UK, to network, inspire, share and learn.

The schedule was jam packed full of speakers who really did know how to deliver content including the likes of Zoe Margolis (Girl with a one track mind), Mario Cacciottolo (Someone Once Told Me), Poppy Dinsey (What I Wore Today), Liz Scarff (Blogladesh, World Vision, ShareNiger), Natalie Lue (Baggage Reclaim) and our youngest speaker, 10 year old Biba (BibasPhotos).

Cybher 2012

The event caused a commotion on social media channels with the #Cybher tag being used on over 400 Instagram photos and 240 post conference blog posts and counting. There were upwards of 4,500 tweets with a reach of over 5 million people and #Cybher started trending in the UK a full three hours before the conference started!

Siân To, said: “We are so proud that Cybher offered such a vast range of workshops which people genuinely enjoyed. These social savvy woman wanted to learn and develop the core content of their blogs, they also embrace opportunities of working together to instigate social change”

Cybher 2012From the attendees…

  • BigFashionista (Kellie Hill) tweeted: This week is ALL about moving my blog on to the next level. #Cybher has inspired me.
  • @Fiestytapas (Maria) tweeted: My timeline is still full of #Cybher. The conference that still has the blogger world buzzing.
  • @liveotherwise (Jax Blunt) tweeted: Blogging conferences have come of age. This has been stunning. #cybher
  • @SamRSparrow (Samantha Sparrow) tweeted : So I’m actually crying on the tube home. A bit overwhelmed to be honest. May sound like an eejit, but it’s been a huge step for us. #Cybher

Cybher was supported by a handful of carefully selected brands all relevant and targeted to women. Thrown carefully into the mix their presence made for a simply breathtaking day.

To see photos from the day click over to our pinterst board or visit our facebook page.

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